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‘Echoing Praise’ Media Ministry:

~  Making a “DIGITAL MISSIONARY” of your raw footage!  ~

"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Services Ministry

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Echoing Praise Media Ministry: Audio & Video Production Services

 We create custom, professional VIDEOS* of:

  • Dances or other special performances
  • Church services / sermons – for TV / Internet
  • Promos for VBS, building programs, or special events
  • Music Videos
  • “Scenes 4 Worship”- Videos portraying your worship songs
  • “Video Verses” – beautifully present Scripture
  • Creative slideshows for camp, outreaches, missions etc.
  • Custom requests
* Videos include optional special effects, stock or custom footage, voice-overs, titles, credits, color correction+ 
We specialize in making videos from raw, amateur footage!  See “live” performances filmed by church volunteers.

Echoing Praise: professional audio production

  We also create custom AUDIO files:

  • Edit & create a master mix of your favorite worship time
  • Edit & create a master mix of YOUR performance
  • Edit a soundtrack PRIOR to your performance
            (repeat chorus, shorten intro, adjust tempo, etc.)
  • Create a custom soundtrack
  • Create a custom voiceover
  • Special requests


Songs & Prayers -audio & video production

 Write your own songs? 

  • We can mix & produce a quality audio file
  • Provide vocals or use yours
  • Play instruments of your choosing or use yours
  • Add special effects / sound effects
  • Print on CD & create custom CD jacket
  • Create accompanying VIDEO – on DVD or Internet
  • Custom requests


 We’ll create your online video channel   

  • Youtube, Godtube, HigherPraiseTube, etc.
  • For churches, organizations, or individuals
  • Custom background / graphics design
  • Creative descriptions / titles
  • Custom playlists
  • Seasonal “decorating”



Prices:  Very reasonable.  Depends on extent of your needs.


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