Dance Services

Dance Services

Echoing Praise Dance & Media ministry

We do CUSTOM work, tailored to fit YOUR ministry

We desire to…

Help you fulfill God’s call on YOUR OWN UNIQUE ministry

Bring glory to God!!!  

Choreography  |  Team Personalization & Promotion   |  Instructional DVDs

Custom Choreography:                                                                            

Why do a generic dance everyone else has done?  We create choreography just for YOU!

  • We’ll custom choreograph a dance to your vision, skill level, physical space, & group number.
  • Each custom DVD will contain easy to follow, step by step teaching, and full demonstration.

See our Dance Videos to get a sense of what we can do for you.


      We’ll custom-make any desired flags, ribbons, billows, or other worship elements.

       We can edit your song’s audio to your desired length/purpose/tempo, & add sound effects.

    We can create a custom “video backdrop” for your performance.  Video backdrop examples

very reasonable, depends on extent of request.  

Use our Choreography Request form to get started!           ~Browser error? Try this LINK

See our
Complete Dance Package: custom choreography, audio & video editing!


  We’ll create a quality dance for you, then preserve your performance on DVD. We’ll…

  • Choreograph your dance: use the form to share YOUR requests!
  • Make any adjustments to the music: (shorten musical intro or interlude, repeat chorus, add transition time, remove unwanted sections, adjust tempo, add sound effects, etc.)
  • Create a professional DVD of your performance: provide us with your video footage, and we’ll edit the various camera angles, enhance images, add special effects, clean up audio, add titles, transitions, and even credits – all mastered together on a DVD with a custom jacket cover!
    Ask about discounts for bulk DVD orders!

Complete form; we’ll email price










Team Graphics Design, Personalization, & Promotional items:              

Let us help you… “go into all the world”!

  • Create your logo, business cards, letterhead
  • Flyers, advertisements, bulletin announcements
  • T-shirts, flags, or ?
  • Promotional slideshows / videos of your ministry or event
  • Beautiful, digital photo albums to preserve your ministry’s special moments Examples
  • Create/maintain YOUR online “video channel” – to share your ministry with the world!

Contact us for pricing info … depends on extent of your requests; bulk discounts!


Instructional Dance DVDs:                                                                         

These DVD’s teach the Scriptural significance of dance, & actual dance ( movement ) classes.  

We custom create YOUR DVD , based on your interests / requests!

       Biblical Teaching:

  • Is dance Biblical?
  • History of dance: Bible times through present.
  • Types of worship/praise dance.
  • Hebrew “7 Ways to Praise.”
  • Significance of flags/banners, streamers, billows, & shofars.
  • “Choreographed vs. free” dance & “individual vs. corporate” worship dance.
  • Starting your Dance Ministry: the specifics of “practical,” and importance of “spiritual.”

–Refer to Dance FAQ’s–


       Dance Classes:   We teach…

  • A variety of dance styles, with a broad vocabulary of movement.
  • How to choreograph: Visually build your message.

Contact us for pricing info … depends on extent of your requests; bulk discounts!


E.C.H.O.E.S. Dance Ministry:                                                                    

Is your church interested in worship dance?  Want a unique impact for special meetings?

  • E.C.H.O.E.S. of Praise will come & minister in your church or community.
  • No event is too small: “Does He not leave the 99 & go after the lost sheep?”  Luke 15:4
  • We offer promotional materials you may need to advertise your event.

See our Dance Videos to get a sense of what we do. 


Ministry Expenses:                                                                                   

Choreography………………………………….. Depends on extent of request; bulk discounts
Team Promotion……………………………….. Depends on extent of request; bulk discounts
Instructional DVDs…………………………….. Depends on extent of request; bulk discounts
E.C.H.O.E.S. Performing Dance Ministry….. Flat fee or “special arrangement” love offering