Dance FAQ’s

Dance FAQ’s

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What is praise/worship dance? | Church dance types | Is dance Biblical? | Praise dance IS NOT


What is Praise/Worship Dance?                                                              

Praise Dance is physically expressing love & thanks to God – glorifying Him through movement.  It outwardly expresses inward emotions.  Praise acknowledges “value” & magnifies God in our lives.

Worship Dance is surrendering your entire self to honor & adore God.  The Spirit’s anointing transforms movement into worship.  Worship acknowledges God’s “worthiness” & minimizes “self.”

“All our bones (my whole being) exclaim, ‘Who is like you, O LORD?'”  Ps. 35:10

“His word is in our hearts like a burning fire shut up in our bones!  We are weary of
    holding it back… we cannot!”  Jer. 20:9


Types of Church Dance:                                                                         

"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Ministry videos Celebration Dance – Joyous victory dance that celebrates God’s wonderful blessings!  Often congregations join in, in jubilation.   Ps. 100:4

(Click image for example: E.C.H.O.E.S. Dance Team celebrating our freedom in Christ!)


"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Ministry videos Worship Dance – Slower, drawing from the Spirit to express adoration to God.  A more personal, intimate dance… reverent and yielding.  Ps. 95:6

(Click image for example: Twins Misty & Kristy’s Jewish Worship Dance)


"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Ministry videos Praise Dance – Using movement to glorify and express thanks to God for His goodness.    Ps. 35:18

(Click image for example: Starts with dramatic enactment, Praise Dance finale – w/ flags & ribbons!)


"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Ministry videos Warfare Dance – Powerful, confident dance of strength – boldly declaring God’s authority over the enemy.  With flags & banners, it can ignite victorious breakthroughs as with Israel’s armies.    2 Chr. 20:21

(Click image for example: E.C.H.O.E.S. Dance Team in “Joshua Generation” – w/ flags & shofars!)


"Echoing Praise" Dance & Media Ministry videos Prophetic Dance – Spontaneous, Holy Spirit-given dance portraying a message from God.    Ps. 22:3

(Click image: This is NOT spontaneous.  Referenced only because it portrays The Message of God, directly from the Bible!)


Is Praise Dance Biblical?                                                                           

Descriptions of dance, recorded in the Bible, give solid foundation for worship dance:

2 Sam. 6:14     Describes King David dancing “with all his might”  before God.

Matt. 11:17      Jesus’ statement, “We piped but you did not dance” shows He desires this
                           expression of joy.

Jer. 31:13        Shows spontaneous dance before God for His awesome love & redemption.

Ps. 149:3         Written 2,500+ yrs ago, commands us to “Praise Him in the dance!”

Interestingly, “rejoice” and “dance” are the same word in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus.  Twenty Hebrew words from the Old Testament were translated into English as “rejoice,” “joyful,” even “tremble” – which were actually words detailing dance movements or physical worship.  The Bible has many references to dance – none disapproving, only affirming dance as a way to worship.

In Bible times, worshipers & dancers went first into battle.  Dancing in worship has great power to fight the enemy!   2 Cor. 10:4 “Although the weapons of our warfare [worship, dance] aren’t as the world’s, they are mighty, through God, to pull down strongholds.”  Worshiping Warriors dance into battle!

For church or individual, worship should go from glory to glory!  God desires to restore joy and celebration to the Church!   Jer. 31:4 “…You shall again be adorned with tabrets, and go forth in dances of those who rejoice.”  His redeemed should provide a rejoicing testimony to the world of His abundant life.  Enthusiasm and love for God is kindled through dance!  Our heritage should be reclaimed!  Poet W.H. Auden said, “I know nothing, except what everyone knows – if I’m there when Grace dances, I should dance.”       


Praise Dance IS NOT                                                                              

Ø Entertainment, nor art; it is worship unto the Almighty!

Ø Only for us. It’s a ministry that draws people deeper into God’s presence.

Ø Dancing only when we feel like it. God calls us to offer a “sacrifice of praise.”

* Luke 6: 22-23 – Even when mistreated, we’re to “rejoice in that day and leap for joy.”

* John 4:22-24 – The Father is seeking true worshipers to worship Him in spirit & truth.

* Jer. 33:11 – God blesses those “bringing a sacrifice of praise to the house of the Lord.”

Ø  Just for the young.

* Ex. 16:20 – Miriam, over 80 years old, took a timbrel and led the women in dance.

Ø  Just for women.

* 2 Sam. 6:5,14 – Men, like King David, boldly danced in praise unto God.

* Men danced with torches during the Feast of Tabernacles.

When men dance in the Spirit, powerful things happen!

See Shawn’s Testimony…


Dance unites body and spirit in worship   –   so let’s . . .   DANCE!

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