About Us

About “Echoing Praise” Ministries


“ECHO” praise unto God

Share the joy & power of anointed dance

Develop worshipers’ ability to surrender their entire being

Encourage new levels of creative expression in personal & corporate worship

Help create & train worship dance teams

Help others use media as an effective “missionary” tool


Children’s Ministry                                                            

Identical twins, Misty & Kristy, began teaching dance to children in 1995 and were inspired to build and open their Performing Arts Studio.  More than just dance, children learn about God and expressing love to Him.  Performances bring parents to salvation as God touches their hearts… through their children.


Worship Dance Ministry:                                                   

Soon, God had the twins training Worship Dance Teams .  Most members had no dance experience, but an eager heart.  They have a great time!  Classes begin with a devotional, offer traditional technique, as well as fun choreography and dance styles …  

Echoing Praise custom choreography & dance services




Classes end with responsive worship – ushering in an anointing that transforms dance into praise.  The twins encourage artistic excellence…
                            “For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise.” Chr. 16:25

“E.C.H.O.E.S. of Praise” Dance Team:                         

E.C.H.O.E.S. means Exalting Christ High Over Every Situation.

The core EP Dance Team, now from many churches and denominations, is truly a family… supportive in hard times and growing together in Christ.  It’s exciting to see the individual churches, represented by the team, uniting together in outreaches and supporting each others’ ministries.  What an impact it’s had on communities!

When ministering in churches, the team also likes to include some of the church’s members in their dances if they can.  They’ve done several numbers with 30+ people.

“Echoing Praise” Television Show:                                

EP was invited to create a TV show, and God has abundantly blessed it. The hour-long show, now in its fifth year, airs 3x a week.  Segments include worship, music videos, fun illustrations, touching interviews, dances, “Takin’ it to the Streets,” ” Window to the Word,” and much more!

Other Current Ministries:                                               

God has opened EP Ministries to many denominations, changing preconceived ideas about dance and worship.  They minister at…

* Pastors’ conferences, Revivals, Retreats, VBS, Women’s conferences, etc.
* Community events… bringing God to the streets!
    – Appreciation Days, Festivals, Cultural events, etc.
* They are honored to minister at “The Well Ministry of Rescue” for men, and
    various women’s rehabilitation programs.

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