Echoing Praise





Twins, Misty & Kristy, created Echoing Praise to proclaim -through movement- the greatness of God!
We personally choreograph each dance, & creatively combine unique dance styles with...
flags, ribbons, billows, drama, vocals, or instruments!
We minister LIVE, and through media...
on our TV show: 'Echoing Praise'
and on Youtube, Godtube, & HigherPraiseTube

  Please tell us how we can serve you!

Echoing Praise Dance & Media Services

We'll create . . .
From YOUR raw pics or vids:
* Custom, high quality video presentations
* Slideshows, digital albums, promos +
* Custom mixed & edited audio
* Master mix/vid of YOUR ORIGINAL song
* YOUR online video channel
We'll create . . .
* Custom Choreography for YOU!
* Custom-made flags, ribbons, billows +
* Promotional flyers, videos, materials +
You can buy . . .
* DVD teachings on Biblical dance in history
* "Echoing Praise" 1hr TV show episodes

We love transforming 'raw footage' into 'powerful videos' that excite people for God!


This Week's - 'Featured Video':

"Angel’s Explanation"

How do you spend your 1,440?

We want to encourage YOU... to view this new year as the gift that it is!
Special thanks to “angel” Matthew, currently on his 3rd Tour of Duty in Afghanistan!

Feel free to send us a prayer request!
Misty & Kristy